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Swim for Good
Written By: Kimberlee Riley

Swimmers, throughout their life, all swim for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons is a selfless reason – swimming for good, that is, swimming for a cause.  As a swimmer, we’ve all done it at one time or another in some type of swim-a-thon.  Each of these events looks a bit different, in a pool or in open water, for individuals or for relays however, the one thing they all have in common is that they are supporting a cause and serve a greater good.  We would like to share your swim for good stories in 2014.  Send an email to with your swim for good details to help us share them.

 This year is starting off with a swim for good event in Lake Mary on Saturday, February 8.  One of the Lake Mary YMCA Masters swimmers, Luther Davis III, plans to swim at the J. Douglas Williams YMCA outdoor pool for 12 consecutive hours.  Luther, in addition to being a Masters swimmer, is a physics and astronomy teacher at Lake Mary High School and is accustomed to ‘over-the-top’ teaching techniques. Luther says “I feel I can teach my students with interesting subject matter content and provide inspiration along the way”.  One way he’s accomplished this is by having his students smash cinder blocks over his chest while lying on a bed of nails to illustrate pressure.

Luther is no stranger to ‘over-the-top’ athletic activities as he has cycled 143.1 miles inside his classroom while teaching over a period of 7 hours.  He built a contraption that allowed him to cycle with real life approximation as if being outside cruising down a country road.  All the while, the physics lessons were being transmitted out to the world via the Internet and he was raising money to support the American Diabetes Association. 

Now Luther wants to try something a little different to push his physical and inspirational limits. He will swim for 12 hours straight with limited bathroom, hydration, nutrition, and stretch breaks.  Lake Mary High School Swim and Water Polo teams will be taking shifts to assist with the activities on the pool deck. What are his goals?  Not surprisingly, he has several. 

The "Conservative" Goal: An English Channel Crossing
     Distance: 21 miles
     Distance: 36,960 yards
     Pool Laps: 1,478.4
     Pace: 1.75 mph
     Pace: 1:57/100 yards
     Pace: 3,080 yards/hour

The "Nice Number" Goal: 40,000 Yards
     Distance: 22.73 miles
     Distance: 40,000 yards
     Pool Laps: 1,600
     Pace: 1.89 mph
     Pace: 1:48/100 yards
     Pace: 3,333 yards/hour

The "He Went For It" Goal: 2.00 mph Average
     Distance: 24 miles
     Yards: 42,420
     Pool Laps: 1,689.6
     Pace: 2.00 mph
     Pace: 1:42/100 yards
     Pace: 3,520 yards/hour

In addition to his yardage and pace goals, Luther’s goals also include raising money to support swim lessons for local children, the Lake Mary High Swim and Water Polo teams, and the Lake Mary YMCA Masters team.  Donations will be accepted at the event and online.