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Florida LMSC 2012 Awards Banquet
Written By: Marianne Bradley

Our awards banquet was held this year on Feb. 11, 2012 at the Sunset Grill in Clearwater following the first day of the City of Clearwater's  Valentine Meet. We had our best ever attendance with 85 in attendance. We received so many compliments on this year's banquet. What a pleasure it is when you know everyone had such a grand time.  There was only one complaint, which was about the level of the noise, and I think that was due to the great time and fun camaraderie going on.

The cost was $1318.90, we collected $860, and the LMSC covered the remaining $458.90. What a great deal it was, the food was very good as usual with six choices of entrees, a dessert, salad and non-alcohol drinks. Other drinks could be purchased separately. The service was very good and efficient.

Cindy Januszewski of the Florida Mavericks was awarded our prestigious Sue Moucha Overcoming Adversity Award for inspiring others through Masters swimming. Cindy was injured in an automobile accident while in high school in1983, and suffered a severe head injury and was in a coma for almost three weeks. She underwent recreational, occupational and speech therapy for a long time. She had been a competitive swimmer when younger and began swimming again while recovering, describing that she felt "at home" in the water, and attributing swimming to helping her recover over the years.

Gary Henderson (pictured on the left with Marianne Bradley) of the Villages Aquatic Swim Team was awarded our  2012 Coach of the Year Award for devotion to Florida LMSC Masters Coaching. Gary was a collegiate swimmer in Delaware, and continued on with swimming, coaching children's teams, college teams and future Olympians. His Masters coaching career began in 1989 and continued when he moved to the Villages in 2003. Gary's influence, guidance and expertise has played a significant role in coaching fledgling swimmers and skilled competitors, making the VAST team a large successful competitive team.

The Special Recognition Service Awards were presented to Victor Buehler for 9 years as our LMSC Secretary, to Meredith Moore for 6 years as our LMSC Registrar, and to Jason Brauer for 3 years as our Newsletter Editor.

Club Service Awards for special service to their individual clubs went to Joan Campbell of the Florida Aquatic Combined Team and Margie Hutinger of the Florida Mavericks.

Our 2011 Long Distance Top Ten Women Swimmers were: 1. Mary Holman, GSC; 2. Sara Holman, GSC; 3. Melissa Harasz, SPM; 4. Patricia Bond, FMM: 5. Sandy Steer, SPM; 6. Charlotte Petersen, SPM; 7. Sarah Kwon, SPM; 8. Meredith Moore, T2NM: 9. Dawn Clark, SPM: 10. Mary Williamson, SAST.

Our 2011 Long Distance Top Ten Men Swimmers were: 1. Robert Beach, SPM: 2. Timothy Kennedy, SPM: 3. Konrad Euler, SPM: 4. Ted Bradley, SPM: 5 tie Charles Schlegal FMM and 5. tie Pat Marzulli, SPM: 7. Bruce Mohl T2NM; 8. Brud Cleaveland FMM: 9. Ken Gersbach, SPM; 10. Cliff Eastwood FMM.

Our 2011 Pool Top Ten Women Swimmers were: 1. Joan Campbell, FACT; 2. Jean Troy, FMM;  3. Nancy Durstein, FACT; 4. Linda Visser, BLU; 5. Patricia Bond, FMM; 6. Margit Jebe, T2NM; 7. Deb Walker, FACT; 8. Danielle Chance, BLU; 9. Sara Holman, GSC: 10. Betty Lorenzi, FACT.

Our 2011 Pool Top Ten Men Swimmers were: 1. Rick Walker, SYSM; 2. Steve Wood, BLU; 3. Jack Groselle, SYSM; 4. Gaylord Hopkins, FMM: 5. Keefe Lodwig, SYSM; 6. Keith Switzer, BLU; 7. Doug Messineo, FACT; 8. Kyle Deery, SYSM; 9. William Specht SPM; 10. David Oaks, SYSM.

Our 2011 Leather Lung Recipients: Ellen Bennett, SYSM - SCY; Joan Campbell, FACT - SCY and LCM; Dawn Clark, SPM - Postal; Nancy Durstein, FACT - SCY; Ken Gersbasch, SPM - Postal; Mary Holman, GSC - Postal; Sara Holman, GSC - Postal; Tim Kennedy, SPM - Postal; Jim Matysek, SYSM - SCY; Keith Nelson, SPM - Postal; Flavia Zappa - SPM - Postal.

Congratulations to all of our above swimmers for their special recognitions and swimming accomplishments.

Marianne Bradley, Social and Awards Chairman