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Measurable and Attainable Resolutions for Masters
Written By: Kimberlee Riley

Happy New Year!  Welcoming in the New Year allows us to look for opportunities to improve.  However, studies show that New Year resolutions are typically broken within the first few weeks of the year.  To avoid this, consider your resolutions to be goals and make plans for how you will achieve them.  Be sure to make resolutions that are specific to your own needs and are easy for you to measure your progress.  Here are some examples for you to consider if they are appropriate for you.

1.     Rather than a general resolution to swim better in 2013, choose a specific event to improve.  When you choose one event you can incorporate specific sets into your practice and work on core techniques to improve your event.  By focusing on one event you have a better chance of making a big impact for significant improvement.

2.    Don’t just focus on your best stroke or distance event, develop your skills in another stroke or event.  Becoming a more versatile swimmer not only helps you but can also give your team more options for relays.

3.     Incorporate something new into your training.  If you only swim, add some dry land exercises to your routine before practice.  If you don’t already, try jogging, cycling, or maybe yoga.  Whatever it is, choose one thing new to add to your routine.

4.     Attend at least one workshop or clinic in 2013.  Find the best one for you, sign up, and learn from the experts.

5.     Swim for good.  Find a cause that is near and dear to your heart and participate in a fundraising race or event that supports it.  Or perhaps, organize a fundraising swim or triathlon event to support your cause in 2013.

6.     Develop better nutritional habits.  But don’t go cold-turkey; break it down into baby steps.  If you drink soft drinks, replace a certain number each week with water.  Or if you eat fast food, replace so many of those meals with healthy ones.  Eat one more piece of fruit or an extra vegetable each day. Whatever your unique diet needs are, set specific goals to address them.

7.     Get more rest.  Whether you need to add hours or be more consistent with your bedtime,   adapt your schedule and modify your habits to get better rest.

8.     Don’t worry, be happy.  Work on your attitude and mental preparedness.  Believe in yourself and your abilities.  Compliment yourself at least once a day on your accomplishments.  This will build your confidence and belief in yourself.