Adult Learn-To-Swim Instructor Certification
USMS is hosting an Adult learn-to-swim
Instructor Certification Course

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Forms and Registration Information


Registration Information


Club registrars: email Meredith Moore, FL LMSC Registrar at  to indicate whether you will get the form from this web site or if you need the form sent via postal mail.

It is recommended that Clubs and Workout Groups register online. See Workout Group Information and Club Registration Guidelines for more details. 

For online registration see: 2015 Online Club and Workout Group Registration (existing or new). For those Clubs who want to register by mail see: Club Registration Form.  For those Workout Groups who want to apply by mail see: Workout Group Membership Application Form.

For additional information concerning individual and/or club registration, contact Meredith Moore, FL LMSC registrar.

*You can register your club for next year starting October 1st. Please register before November 1st so that members can start registering online or directly with Meredith Moore. Clubs must be registered BEFORE individual registrations can be submitted.


Online Registration for individuals begins November 1st of prior year. This secure online registration system is powered by USMS and requires a payment with a MasterCard or Visa charge card. DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE if you have already turned in your registration form to your Club/Chapter registrar.

The Florida LMSC does not collect Club Fees online. Only USMS and Florida LMSC fees are collected. You MUST PAY Club fees to the local Clubs individually by check or online for those clubs that have set up this capability. See Contact Info and Club Fees.

Contact your club registrar if you have not received your registration card.

Please read these instructions for registering first. Instructions For Individuals

When you register online, you will have the opportunity to print your registration card as well as have the registrar mail you one, no waiting to get your USMS number. If you are renewing, just use your 5 digit permanent ID, which is the last 5 digits of your registration number, i.e., 148A-02555 where the 02555 is the permanent ID. You will have to verify your date of birth, and use the same name you used previously on your registration card, the system will prompt you and is simple to use.

For Florida LMSC Paper Registrations use this Registration formLate Registration is available on this same form between September and December each year with a reduced fee.

For Florida LMSC One Event Registrations use this One Event form.

Individual paper registration forms for 2015 will be available on November 1, 2014.  Copy the form, fill it out, sign and date it. Remember it must be dated November 1st or later to be registered for the following year. For information on Club fees and Club contacts click on the link at the bottom of the registration page or see: Clubs Fees and Contact Info. Mail or turn in the form to your Club registrar or, if registering unattached, mail to the Florida LMSC Registrar.

Individuals can apply for a 30 Day Try Out period, at no cost, but must fill out the 30 Day Tryout Registration Form for insurance purposes.

Club Registrars can also select their club, fill in their contact information and make copies for their members.

Lost your card? If you are registered, you can obtain a copy of your card. Copy of Your Registration Card

Need to update your information? If you are registered, you can update your information.  Update Your Information

For an up to date list of Florida Members see: Florida LMSC Members

For lists of individual club members see: Florida LMSC Individual Club Members

Instructions for Transferring to a Different or New Club and the Transfer Form