FL LMSC Club Service

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The first Club Service Awards were presented at our 10th Awards Social in 2011. The award honors members of individual clubs for outstanding service to their club, past and present, in the promotion of Masters Swimming. One person from each Club can be nominated each year.

Please send Club Volunteer Award Nomination Form the Florida LMSC Awards Chair,  Cheryl Kupan, by December 31.



Mary Carbonaro, Sarasota Sharks Masters (SHARK)
Jeff Elliott, Sarasota Sharks Masters (SHARK)
Mark Usher, Sarasota Tsunami Masters (SRQM)
Mike Whaley, Sarasota Sharks Masters (SHARK)


Jennie Cleary – Villages Aquatic Swim Team (VAST)
Will Harding – Gator Swim Club (GSC)


Albert Miller – Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters (SYSM)
Dave Jarvis -Villages Aquatic Swim Team (VAST)


Connie Greb – Villages Aquatic Swim Team (VAST)
Cheryl Kupan – St Pete Masters (SPM)
Fred Wakelin – T2 Naples Masters (T2NM)


Pete Nikodem – Holmes Lumber Jax (HLJ)
Jean Allen – Florida Maverick Masters (FMM)
Pat Baker – Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters (SYSM)


Bob Jennings – Florida Aquatic Combined Team (FACT)
Cathy Fedako -Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters (SYSM)
Ed Nessel – Space Coast Aquanauts (AQNT)
Edna Gordon – Sarasota Tsunami Masters (SRQM)
Kelley Carpenter -Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters (SYSM)
Laura Hamel -Sarasota YMCA Sharks Masters (SYSM)
Meredith Moore – T2 Naples Masters (T2NM)
Patty Nardozzi – St Pete Masters (SPM)
Sam Moreland – Gulf Coast Swim Team (GCST)
Sandy Steer – St Pete Masters (SPM)


Kathy O’Leary, Villages Aquatic Swim Team (VAST)


Joan Campbell, Florida Aquatic Combined Team (FACT)
Margie Hutinger – Florida Mavericks (FMM)


Marianne Bradley, SUN Masters /FACT
Patricia Tullman, – Florida Mavericks (FMM)