Officers and Contacts

We are here to serve – please email someone if you have a question, need help, or want to help serve our swimming community.  Also, see below to find Board meeting dates, minutes, and more.

Cheryl Kupan
Chair & Awards
Kirk Clear
Vice Chair
Zena Courtney
Terri Goodman
Cindi Wood
Membership Coordinator & Communications
Anna Lea Matysek
Sanctions & Top Ten
Jim Matysek
Co Top Ten
Scott Bay
Nancy Nevid
Officials & Records
Sheila Carpenter-vanDijk
Meegan Wilson
Kelly Ezagury
Open Water & Postals
Jillian Wilkins
Past Chair
Carter Elliott
Senior Games Liaison

Board of Directors Documentation and Information

Not for Board member eyes only! Check out what your Board is doing and how the organization is achieving our goals.

Find meeting minutes, financials, and more.