The Florida Aquatic Combined Team

Facts About FACT

The Florida Aquatic Combined Team (FACT) is an independent club in the Florida LMSC. FACT was formed to allow members in the Florida LMSC who regularly compete to join others to form a team that is more competitive on a Local, Zone, National and International level. There are large clubs in this LMSC, but smaller teams have trouble forming relays because a local and national phenomena is that approximately 10% of a team competes regularly, and even less compete outside our LMSC. Sometimes only three or four swimmers compete at Nationals and World’s!! This makes for very weak representation from one of the strongest swimming areas in the country!

We hope to create camaraderie in line with USMS goals giving all a chance to really know members who swim with other teams as well as the ability to compete on relays. Members who compete in relays will be assessed a fee for participating in the relay, dependent on relay costs at said meet.

FACT needs volunteers to help with setting up relays at meets. Please contact Joan Campbell if you are interested in competing on relays and/or volunteering to help set up relays when you register for a meet.

Because FACT does not collect a club fee anymore, we need donations to pay for the cost of the yearly registration with USMS. Any extra donations will be used to offset relay costs at meets.

Please contact: Joan Campbell

See More Facts About FACT for more information.

FACT Highlights

2018 FACT Relay Record – Rowdy Gaines SCY Classic

2018 John Corse and Rowdy Gaines

2017 FINA World Masters at Budapest

2014 Rowdy Gaines 6th Annual SCM Masters Meet